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Rated #1 in the state of California

Uncle Scotty's takes a lot of pride in going over and above to give the best pet care service available.  I routinely loaded Sparky and Goober (above) into the car for vacations to Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.   I cooked for my angels nightly.  When Uncle Scotty's comes into your home we will pamper, entertain and spend plenty of time with your fur angels as this is our purpose, care for your angels while.  While you are away it will be doggy summer camp.  Lot of fun, fetch, hiking, etc.  Your pet will be have so much fun they will not have time to experience of the anxiety of their pet parent being away.  Your pet(s) will be rejuvenated by the time you return from your travels and will be ready to resume their job of putting a smile on your face and protecting the home.  Time with Uncle Scotty is a vacation from responsibilites for your fur babies!

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